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sábado, 8 de julio de 2017

6 Ways to Better Meditation

Since we are going to meditate, we may as well do it properly to make the best use of the limited time we have. Here are some suggestions on how you can improve your meditation and raise your consciousness in daily activities.

How to Improve Your Meditation

  1. Know what you want
    Set an objective for your meditation session. Do you wish to reduce the amount of tension within you? Or are you trying to develop generate more creative ideas for a new project? No matter what are your goals for meditation, be clear about them but hold on to them lightly.
  2. Open your mind to all possibilities
    Having set your goals, be open to how they may be realized. If you are trying to manage your anger through meditation, for instance, don’t be rigid about how that would be materialize with meditation. Instead, open yourself to different possibilities of how you may get along better with your fury emotion. Perhaps you may get an insight on what are the real issues behind all your anger and start working on them instead of your emotion. Or maybe you would develop more compassion over your destructive emotion and become kinder to yourself, becoming less likely to erupt at the slightest provocation.
  3. Contemplate regularly
    There is no shortcut to a still and conscious mind. The reality is, such a mind arises only as a result of regular practice over a long period of time. If you want to get anything out of meditation, you need to make it a daily affair in your life.

    Allocate a time slot in your daily schedule for meditation and make it a habit. Meditating for fifteen-minute everyday is better than an hour of sitting during the weekend. Because what you want to develop is a constant stream of awareness that counterbalance the daily agitation you experience in life. Your meditation period is the time for you to spend quality time with yourself. Treat it as important as other appointments. You can even go further by assigning each day to a different type of meditation or visualization.
  4. Don’t give up
    On some days, you will find yourself meditating with ease, while on others, due to the influences of the life events around you, you may have problem sitting even for five minutes. Don’t be discouraged by these setbacks. Just as you won’t expect yourself to be on cloud nine every day, it is also unrealistic to expect your meditation to be smooth sailing every single time. See your setbacks from a wider perspective. They are only small blips in the grand ocean of life.
  5. Stay awake with quick body scan
    Use pockets of free time in daily life to relax and do a quick body scan to bring your awareness back to the present moment. Briefly check your posture: Are you hunching your back? Are your shoulders stiff and tight? Are you clenching your fist? Is there any subtle throbbing pain somewhere in your body that needs your attention? Then, relax, take a slow, deep breath and exhale slowly, recollecting your awareness as you do.
  6. Practice mindfulness wherever you are
    Don’t limit your mindfulness practice to formal meditation sessions. Use mundane everyday tasks to practice mindfulness as well. Zone in to whatever you are doing, instead of worrying about something else or mentally replaying an argument you had with your partner. Even if you can do the task at hand with your eyes closed, give it your full concentration. You are bound to discover details which you have never paid attention to in the past. Rediscover the joy of these little things in life as if you are doing it for the first time. Bring your mind and spirit back into your body. For example, the next time you are talking to someone, apply mindfulness and focus on listening what the other person has to say instead of mentally preparing your reply.